4th AsiaEngage Regional Conference 2018

Presentation Schedule of Asiaengage2018
26 - 28 November 2018

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Room A : Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

A00002 Powering Local Farming Community via the Implementation of Biogas as Waste and Alternative Energy Management: A Case in Desa Trinsing, Indonesia Dr. Munawar Khalil
A00034 Investigating the Attitudes & Motivation among the of Young FELDA Generation in Raising Awareness towards the Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia Prof. Siti Hamin Stapa
A00088 Development of "Chaing" rice planting to organic rice field at Tumbon Pak Ro, Singka Nakorn distric, Songkhla Province Dr. Vatcharee Seechamnanturakit
A00102 PH-EIS System for Local Administrative Organization Chief Executive Decision Support Dr. Pichetwut Nillaor
A00106 Project 9101 Bio-Organic Fertilizer from Water Hyacinth for Sustainable Development in context of Ban Klong Yong Cooperative Dr. Nuttawan Yoswathana
A00117 Dissemination of Innovation in Environmental-Friendly Transportation to Develop Sustainable Transportation Ms. Gabriella Gunarto
A00131 The Study of Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Accounting and Financial Statements of Community Business Group Ms. Kirana Yeesoonsam
A00141 The Role of Blockchain Technology in Sustainable Development Prof. Abdullah Uz Tansel

Room B : Strengthen Community through Business and Marketing

A00021 Engaging the Local People to Develop Online and Social Media Marketing for Lamphun’s Brocade Thai Silk and Mae Chaem’s Tin Jok Weaving Cloth Dr. Pachernwaat Srichai
A00030 Challenges faced by women’s business group producing seafood-based products in Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia Dr. Ratih Dyah Kusumastuti
A00067 From Belitung to Banyuwangi: To Create Agent of Change on Coffee’s Sustainable Agricultural and Entrepreneurship Dr.Sri Rahayu
A00092 Supply Chain Risk Management for Community Business of the Chemical Safe Chili Pepper Grower Group Dr. jakkreeporn sannork
A00151 The Development of Internet Marketing Activities for Potential Product of Eastern Indonesia Dr.Yasmine Nasution
A00152 The Role of SME in Developing the Potential Product of Eastern Indonesia Dr.Yasmine Nasution

Room C : Engaged Education

A00018 The Quezon City Community College: An Exploratory Study Dr. Carmela Oracion
C00050 Experiential learning for quality education through triple helix partnership and University – Industry Engagement Prof. norzulaani khalid
A00056 The situation of Education Management in Public and Private Upper-Secondary School: A case study of the three southern border provinces Dr. pongsatean luengalongkot
A00100 Management of STEM Education through Sufficiency Economy Philosophy with Case Study in Ban Khlong Sawang Arom School Ms. sukanya Leejalearn

Room D : Engage for Empowerment

A00040 Tourism development on the identity of secondary cities: Case study of Tai Lue community Mr. Chanvit Jatuprayoon
A00057 Power of Language: Co-Creation of Mutual Values and Thai Language Abilities in Transmission of Innovation of Local Organic Rice Farming Operated by Thai-Malay Muslim Farmers in Ban La-han, Waeng District, Narathiwat Province Ms. pariyakorn chookaew
A00081 The inside out explosion for encourage teenager to be Citizen in the new era Ms. Junpen Meesupkwang
A00093 Exploring the Needs and Challenges of Detainees: A Basis for a Sustainable FEU Project HOPE Dr. Luzelle Anne Ormita
A00094 Developing community-based agroindustry by empowering women and disabled people: a case study in Kidal Village, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia Dr. Sri Suhartini
A00119 A survey of time banking Dr. Montalee Sasananan
A00120 The Role Of Kampung Tongkol Residents in Safeguarding the Warehouse of VOC Walls Mr. arga patria dranie putra
A00128 Empowering a new Generation of Change Agents to Address the Sustainable Development Goals in Myanmar Mr. Michael Meallem
A00129 The Role of Community in Rejuvenating Kampung Lodan’s Extended Domestic Space in response to Jakarta's CAP Program Ms. Amira Paramitha