4th AsiaEngage Regional Conference 2018


   The AsiaEngage (AE) Regional Conference is a regional platform organized bi-annually in fulfillment of the research, education, and engagement missions of higher education institutions to create mutually beneficial partnerships between multi-sector stakeholders – higher education institutions, industries, foundations, communities, NGOs and government agencies – to uplift the quality of peoples’ lives across ASEAN and Asia.

   The ASEAN University Network thematic network for University Social Responsibility & Sustainability (AUN USR&S), its permanent secretariat based at University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), drives the AE Regional Conference in creating opportunities for sharing of innovative ideas, development of capacity to carry out meaningful and impactful engagement, forging of collaborative community and industry-engaged research, as well as enhancement of learning experiences.

4th AsiaEngage Regional Conference

   Following on the success of the first three conference and the benefits that it brings to the university-community-industry engaged practitioners in Asia and beyond, the AUN USR&S Secretariat at UKM will be organising the 4th AsiaEngage Regional Conference in Thailand this November. UKM is pleased to collaborate with Chiang Mai University (CMU), a university member of the AUN USR&S thematic network, to organise the conference. CMU will also bring along two other universities in Thailand on board to host the conference from 26 – 28 November in Thailand.

   The theme for this year’s regional conference is “Achieving SDGs in Asia: Key Challenges for University-Community Engagement.” The focus of the conference will be on the following five subthemes, which have been identified at the 6th AUN USR&S Steering Committee Meeting on 17 December 2017 in UKM Bangi, Malaysia, as essential considerations for driving forward meaningful and productive engagement efforts of higher education institutions:

   • University – Community Engagement
   • University – Civil Society Engagement
   • University – Industry Engagement
   • University – Government Engagement
   • University – International Agency Engagement